Hi, I'm Mikołaj.
I create stunning videos for business,
non-profits, artists & more.

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It’s all about the art of visual storytelling.

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“Our school isn’t about a rat race but helping each other and becoming better humans.”

Client: Kostka High School
education / 2017

“We’re not just a bunch of proffessionals, but also lovely and passionate people to work with.”

Client: Ardent Code
IT company / 2016

“I’ve worked 20 years to create a successful product. We’re rebranding it for you, so you know it’s not just working well but it’s also beautiful.”

Client: PB Nails / cosmetics / 2017
In collaboration with Papajastudio branding agency

“At our university we believe learning about art is not enough. Most of all you need to experience it with your soul and mind.”

Client: Ignatianum University
education / 2017

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So… why am I so special, actually? 😉

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My clients are satisfied.

Seems like something everyone says? True. But I’ve honestly worked hard to achieve that. I explain everything as much, as you need, I write self invented, creative stories. I also plan reasonable schedules & budgets. And… I suppose – I’m quite a friendly guy!

I combine filmmaking with experience in PR/marketing.

I managed 200k fanpages, created communication strategies for non-profits and commercial players. My film ideas fit general concepts of brands, they’re to help you, not just look amazing.

I’ve graduaded a film school.

So I learned not only from YouTube DIY videos but true masters of film. I get the film language right.

I’m damn flexible!

I believe in minimalism. No extra assistants or crew unless it’s really necessary. I work globally but I’m based in Poland,
so my rates won’t ruin your budget. Really…

To sum up

My name is Mikołaj Cempla [pronunce Meekowhy Tsempla]

Born in 1992, a film fascinate and a happy husband.

My filmmaking comes out of great passion and desire to do amazing things in life but it is solidly founded on expertise (diploma in film directing at the AMA Film Academy). Since graduating from film studies (2014 – diploma film “Eden”), I have worked as a freelance filmmaker for many Polish and foreign institutions, among which I should mention: Charaktery Sp. z o.o., WAM Publishing House, Ocado Technology, Manta Multimedia, Pakulski Kilarski and Partners, Polish Council of Christians and Jews, Papajastudio, Ignatianum University of Kraków.

In my work I combine film competence with experience in PR, especially in developing strategies for social media. I do not only realize ideas, but in 90% of cases I am the author or co-author of them. I assist my clients with issues related to emission/publication, copywriting and everything that weighs about the effectiveness of the campaign.

Opinions from Facebook

  • 5 star review  Polecam współpracę z Mikołajem, konkretnie, kreatywnie, z klasą!

    thumb Rafał Małecki
  • 5 star review  In a very short time Mikolaj has been able to create a great video for ALE Krakow. I'm happy to recommend him.

    thumb Tomasz Wykowski
  • 5 star review  Współpracowałem z Mikołajem m.in. przy produkcji teledysku do mojej piosenki. Doskonale zrozumiał moje intencje artystyczne, zaproponował świetne rozwiązania, idealnie oddające klimat, na którym mi zależało. Bardzo kreatywny, bardzo komunikatywny, otwarty umysł. Szczerze polecam.

    thumb Dominik Dubiel
  • 5 star review  Mikolaj worked with us to prepare promotional material for external and internal use of Ocado Technology. The work he did consisted of recording videos, editing footage, incorporating our feedback and making necessary adjustments. All that was done in timely manner and with great collaboration.

    thumb Piotr Leszczyński
  • 5 star review  Jako odpowiedzialny za potezny projekt przed SDM o nazwie MAGIS 2016 potwierdzam pelen profesjonalizm i duze zaangazowanie Mikolaja w tym co robi. Pomysl i dokladnosc oraz przywiazanie uwagi do szczegolow. Rewelacja we wspolpracy!

    thumb Waldek Los
  • 5 star review  Mikołaj conducted film making workshops with students in my language school. It was a great success. I highly recommend Mikołaj as a partner for such enterprises.

    thumb Alicja Piekarska
  • 5 star review  I collaborated with Mikolaj during the summer of 2016. In the occasion of MAGIS, Mikolaj created a documentary about this amazing event and I took part of it as to film some scenes in Beirut/Lebanon and also giving my own testimony. I can definitely say that Mikolaj was hard-working all the time for the video, and provided us with moral support during the shooting. He also knows how to provide the audience with good quality through the material that he uses (professional cameras and so on). It was a pleasure working with you !

    thumb Elsa María Karam

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I prefer e-mails, as I’m often “in the field”, which means no way to talk. I usually answer the same day, except for Sundays.

e-mail: [email protected]
mobile: +48 533 322 325

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